20 Acre Wildlife Refuge in the Heart of Manuel Antonio, A Conservationist's Investment Dream

Sustainable Property in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a small country which is leading the pack for renewable energy generation, it serves as home to the happiest people on earth and is one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. In 2015, Costa Rica ran on 99% renewable energy from hydroelectric, wind, geothermal and solar power. Based upon the 2016 assessment by happyplanetindex.org, Costa Rica topped the list yet again at #1 for the healthiest and happiest place to live in the world. Costa Rica is one of the 20 most biologically diverse countries on earth, making it home to 5% of the earth's species.

In all its beauty and simplistic living, the country and its people share a like mindedness in respect to the environment and see the value in conserving the natural commodities of the country. Ongoing Conservation initiatives are gradually educating the younger generations of the value in protecting these priceless natural resources and evolving to support the needs of local communities. We here at Properties in Costa Rica know the value in promoting and educating our clients on the importance of sustainable land use, renewable practices and preservation of the natural landscape. Within this site you will find properties which focus on environmentally friendly design, alternative energy generation, conservation of watersheds and rainforests, and sustainable development. These are unique offerings for those in search of an investment which optimizes and protects the flora and fauna of Costa Rica.

Private residences and hotels which are built to compliment natural forest and terrain with little impact on the surrounding ecology are not only a wise decision, but allow for an authentic lifestyle in touch with nature, which is a rare commodity in itself. For investors who see the value in protecting nature yet still want to generate a return, hotels, yoga retreats, or eco-adventure destinations are offerings which thrive in the ecotourism mecca of Costa Rica. The diversity of Costa Rica offers purchasing options for all walks of life, yet one cannot deny the value of the natural elements which accompany these properties.

For those in search of the "pura vida" (pure life), it cannot be achieved without the respect for nature, and the recognition that making sound investments into the future of the environment is what will create the purest kind of living for not only the present but the future generations to come.

Short Film Captures the Magic of Costa Rica

Costa Rica video, by filmmaker Antoine Janssens
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